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Preview Active PHP Bookmarks (APB) is a web-based program that allows you to store your bookmarks and display them in many useful ways. It will sort your bookmarks with usability in mind, keeping often-used bookmarks at your fingertips. It has a bookmark search, private/public bookmarks, nested groups, usage rankings, popularity sorting, and a quick add feature.

APB was originally developed by Brandon Stone and is licensed under GPL (GNU General Public License Version 2).

Requirements: PHP4/PHP5, MySQL, and a webserver.

- L. Brandon Stone (
- Nathanial P. Hendler (
- Geoff Stearns (
- Carl Patten (
- Jeroen Leijen (
- Jesse Courchaine
- Björn Andersson
- Martin Gecks (

Current Version: 1.4
written by Martin Gecks is based on version 1.2.06 by Carl Patten and contains all former patches and the Additions by Björn Andersson


Update: Instructions about updating from older versions can be found in UPDATE.txt

- Support for PHP GLOBALS-off
- highly costumizable in abp.php
- Link-validity-checker
- you can coose who is allowed to see the additional features
- you can hide the login-button (you need to login via /login)
- you can decide to always see if a link is private (not only while editing)
- support for language-files (in folder /languages)
- additional german language (german.php)
- breakin-notification by email
- w3c Doctype classification added
- link to disclaimer added
- Directory listing protection
- Incorporated PHP5 compatibility patch corrected
- CSS-Errors corrected
- additional css-styles
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